The Kentucky Derby vs The Royal Ascot – Which Race is Better?

There have always been debates as to which sporting event is better, in all of the sports. More often than not, people look to England for many of the sports because they think that royalty and history give someone the prestige and value. If that was true of cars, then people would still be appreciating the same brands which used to make good cars but have started using cheaper materials or lots of technology, which lead to the cars needing more repairs than they are worth, instead of moving to brands which made reliable, yet still good looking cars.

But, when it comes to horse racing, tradition is often key, and some races have stayed at the top, always maintaining the necessary level of professionalism and prestige, even. This leads us to the question, which is better, the Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby? There are arguments for both races.

The Royal Ascot

This is a very prestigious race, as in, the Queen visits it every single time. The race is held at the Ascot Racecourse which dates back to 1711. Yes, it is very old. Fast forward two centuries and the Royal Ascot was started, in 1911. Every third week of June is the Royal Week where the Royal Family and the Queen herself visit the race. If you ever wanted to get a dose of royalty and prestige, then this is the race to visit. It is worth noting, however, that the tickets are very expensive, especially if you plan on sitting next to the Royals. The race itself is an event to which horse racing fans are always looking forward. It is one of those events which you closely follow, kind of like the Premier League.

The Kentucky Derby

This race also has a lot of history, but it is on the other side of the pond, in the United States. Just like the Royal Ascot, it is held annually, but unlike the Royal Ascot, it was founded in 1875, making it the older of the two races, even though the Ascot Racecourse was there since 1711. The race is the pinnacle of the two week long Kentucky Derby festival. The event is really interesting, for fans of horse racing and people who like to celebrate, in general. As opposed to the Royal Ascot, you can enjoy the festivities for two weeks straight, without having to wear excessively posh clothes. The tickets are also more affordable, given that you will likely see no royalty there. The Derby is a bit more down to earth and requires you to respect the racecourse rules, but nothing oddly specific.