Amazing Books for Horse Lovers – Books Which Every Horse Should Own

Horses are amazing animals. People who love horses often develop a special connection with the animals they cherish, which sometimes runs deeper than their connection to their fellow humans. Horses are very specific animals, with their own needs and their own ways of expression. You need to learn their language, just like you would for any other animal which you might want to keep or be in contact with. 

Horse lovers love spending time with their equine friends, though some of them also enjoy reading books about horses. Horse lovers who love to read, rejoice, because here is a list of the most interesting books about horses which you should have.

Riding Lessons – Sara Gruen

Horse lovers already know a lot about how to ride a horse and how not to approach the animals. But, people who are new to horses often come with their own perceptions and prejudice, knowledge which is inaccurate, at best.

Sara Gruen wrote a novel called Riding Lessons which leads the reader through the process of learning to ride a horse, to becoming a champion, even. It is a novel, and as such, is very entertaining. Its entertainment factor is, however, overshadowed by its informative side. 

The Horse Whisperer – Nicholas Evans

This novel became very popular ever since its release in 1995, so popular, in fact, that it got a movie in 1998, starring Robert Redford and a rather young Scarlett Johannson. The story revolves around a mother called Annie to seek a man called the Horse Whisperer, who is said to be able to help horses recover from various conditions. Her daughter, Grace, as well as her horse, Pilgrim, were injured both during a fall. The animal went almost feral while the daughter had a bad amputation and was left bitter and angry. It is a great story of falling and getting up again, with horses!

Chosen by a Horse – Susan Richards

True stories are almost always more interesting than fiction, mostly because we know that it is real and that somewhere, someone experienced something which makes it that much more interesting. 

In the case of Susan Richards, she managed to rescue a retired racehorse named Lay Me Down, from a fate which was at best, not looking that great. 

Learning to Fall – Anne Clermont

Brynn lost her father and with his death, her family’s horse business began struggling even more than it was prior to his death. Brynn must learn to overcome new challenges, which in her case meant, starting from the very bottom.


These are some of the best books which you can read as a horse lover. Some of them are novels, others memoirs or stories based on real life stories. Whichever the case, enjoy your read!