The Best Asian Horse Breeds You Should Know Of

Every fan of equestrian sports is aware of world-known Asian horse breeds. Characterized by exceptional beauty and endurance, almost any horse from this group will enchant the spectator at the very first glance. Their unique physique was shaped by the environment from which they originated and not by human interaction. 

The ability to withstand harsh conditions as well as the fact that they can go a long time on limited resources is the result of their native environment. Most of these horses can be traced back to the steppes of Asia that are characterized by extensive grasslands. A part of these grasslands has a colder climate and few resources that a horse needs. Therefore, Asian breeds had to adapt to these harsh conditions, and they are now known as hardy horses who can travel long distances on limited resources. 

Some of the most popular breeds around the world come from this group, like the Arabian, the Marwari, and Akhal-Teke.

The Arabian

Known for its endurance over long desert journeys, the Arabian is one of the oldest pure breeds in the entire world. This very intelligent and elegant horse, that is usually 14.2 to 15 hands high, was often used as a warhorse due to its alertness and high spirit. Its name originated from the Arabian Peninsula, the native area of the horse. It doesn’t take long to distinguish the Arabian. Its highly placed tail and distinctive head shape are what make this horse stand out among others. The unmatchable physique combined with sensitivity and willingness is the main reason why these horses should have top-notch care from their owners.

The Marwari

Next on this list is a very rare breed coming from the Marwar region of India. Also known as Malani, the Marwari comes in almost all colors but it is recognizable by its inward-turning ear tips. Like the Arabian, it is known for its endurance as well as the ability to travel long distances on limited resources. With an average height of 14 to 15.2 hands, the horse was predominantly used as a cavalry horse and it was praised for its bravery, stamina, and loyalty. It shouldn’t be confused with Kathiawari, a similar breed also coming from India. They are actually descendants from Arabian horses crossed with Indian ponies. 


Standing tall at 15 to 15.1 hands, Akhal-Teke is a breed from Turkmenistan. This outstanding horse is ideal for traveling long distances in desert conditions. Like other Asian breeds, it withstands harsh conditions with limited resources. A perfect combination of speed, endurance, and intelligence is even more alluring with its characteristic metallic sheen. Actually, their shine exterior is what granted them the nickname “Golden Horses”.