Top 5 Epic Moments in Horse Racing History

After so many years, horse racing remains one of the favorite sports for thousands of people. More than anything else, horse racing fans love to bet on their favorites, and with so many amazing offers such as the ones at Coral Grand National, online betting is even more fun than before. Next to betting, one of the best parts of horse racing is looking back on some of the most legendary moments from its history. Let’s take a look at 5 epic moments in horse racing history that will make you fall in love with the sport immediately. 

Crisp VS Red Rum

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The best part of any race is undoubtedly an unexpected ending. There is nothing better than a race in which the winner is unknown until the very end, especially if you never expected that rider to win. That was the case with Crisp and Red Rum, who went head to head during The Aintree Grand National in 1973.

Crisp was confidently winning, and it seemed like it would be an easy win for him. However, in the final moments of the race, out of nowhere, Red Rum caught up to him and won the race, sending the crowd wild and the judges bewildered. 

Devon Loch

One of the most epic moments in horse racing history is at the same time one of the greatest mysteries.

During the Grand National, Devon Loch seemed to be the obvious winner. However, just before the finish line, his horse abruptly stopped and almost fell to the ground. The most curious part was that after the rider and the horse have been thoroughly checked, they were found to be in perfect health! There was nothing wrong with the horse, so the reason for the shocking behavior on the race remains a mystery to this day.  

Mine That Bird

Nobody expected Mine That Bird to win the Kentucky Derby of 2009. That day, the weather was so bad that even the most experienced riders had a difficult time. Nevertheless, Mine That Bird, an inexperienced rider, won that race like he was riding under perfect conditions. No other rider got even close. 

Affirmed and Alydar

Every few years there comes a time when two titans such as Affirmed and Alydar get the opportunity to show who is the best.

These races are usually fan-favorites as they are unpredictable from the beginning to the very end. Even in the final moments, you cannot be sure who is going to be the winner.

In this case, at Belmont in 1978, Affirmed won in the last moment, but more importantly, the two of them gave their fans a race they will never forget. 


Secretariat is one of the most famous horses in the history of horse racing and he rightfully earned that status in 1973 at Belmont. No other horse could compare to Secretariat and he won the race by an incredible 31 lengths. To this day he holds that record, as well as the status of the most legendary racing horse.