Amazing Facts about Wild Horses

Horses are beautiful creatures. They are big, proud and able to kick us to oblivion. Hopefully, you have had contact with tame horses which have not been hostile in any way, except a playful one. Horses can be anything from frightening to very interesting and lovable creatures, depending on the horse and the person approaching it.

But what about wild horses? What can you expect from a wild horse? Are they scarier than regular, tame horses, will they attack you? Worry not, here are some facts about wild horses which you should know.

Horses Feed on Grass, Mostly

Wild horses often roam the plains and other regions where you might find grass. It is not uncommon to find them atop smaller mountains, because the grass tends to be a bit better up there, especially if there are towns or settlements nearby. They most often feed on grass, but will not shy away from twigs. Yes, horses eat twigs. If there are no twigs, they will feed on tree bark, but that is a niche case scenario, just like humans feeding on grasshoppers would be. 

Horses Live in Herds

Horses most often live in herds. The herd has a single stallion and around 8 to 10 mares (females), with their foals. When foals reach the age of 2, they often go and live with other young males. The females lead the herd, or rather, a specific female. When the herd is in danger, the female leads it away to safety, while the stallion stays and fights. If there are more dangers than a single one, or a danger is deemed great, herds blend, meaning multiple stallions together, as well as plenty of mares.

Horses Take Care of Each Other

Horses living in the wild can get injured, just like any person living in the wild might. Horses, however, not having the cognitive abilities of humans, find other ways of taking care of each other. Horses can live to the age of 40 and live very long lives even after an injury. Injured horses are often collected by a herd and taken care of. Other horses will fight for their safety and help them move and survive. 

Wild Horses are Known to Interact with Humans

Animals are often curious. Horses are known to interact with humans upon meeting them in the wilderness, especially mountains. They can interact with humans, bet petted, and will not shy away from food if offered. Most horses enjoy apples and will gladly accept them. If you happen to have a spare apple and find a wild horse, you can perhaps make a new friend.

Wild horses are among the most interesting creatures you can find. They are either cautious or friendly towards humans, but rarely aggressive. Offer them food if you have any and try not to make sudden moves. Horses are amazing creatures, but also pretty powerful. Be cautious when meeting them in the wild, as you would with almost any other animal.