5 Tricks Horses Look Awesome Doing

Horses are not just there to be ogled at or earn people money on the track. In spite of many disregarding their mental capabilities, they have proven time and time again that they are intelligent and agile. I remember when my father brought me to a family friend’s ranch and we got to see his mixed-breed Betsy do all kinds of neat tricks. Below, you will find a list of tricks horses can do that’ll bring a smile to your face as they did to mine.


If you want your pet to display its cunning, teach it to touch certain objects as you name them. These could be anything: a ball, a hat, or a soft toy. This trick is simple, but it’s also very useful. If your horse learns that these objects are not a threat, it becomes easier to calm your horse down in new and scary situations.


Always a crowd pleaser. Teaching your horse to bow is an important tool in managing the obedience of your horse, particularly in events like shows. To do this trick, you need to teach your horse to lower its head first. After that, teach it to put one leg forward. Even if you don’t have an audience, it’s a great way to make yourself feel like a Disney character.


This trick is mostly associated with dogs, but it’s a handy tool for teaching obedience and giving your horse limits. If the horse masters this trick, you can be sure that they will not wander off beyond the allowed boundaries, and they will always look to you for guidance on what to do next.

Hug and Kiss

This isn’t a trick you can teach a horse that doesn’t like people. In fact, it can be dangerous to allow such a horse near your face. However, if your horse is mild and people-oriented, you can teach it to come to an adult or child and gently kiss or hug them. An interesting fact: it was Betsy doing this that got me interested in horses in the first place.


This trick is even more impressive if you don’t know the secret behind it. Horses can count, but if yours can’t, you can still enjoy doing this trick for your friends. Horses are great at memorizing information, so, if you tell them to count to ten, they will stomp their foot until they reach that number. If the horse is having difficulty memorizing this, you can always give it a secret sign when to stop – many circuses used this in the past to evoke awe.


All of the tricks taught to a horse must be done in an environment where the horse is comfortable with you and the situation at hand. Remember that, while they are beautiful, horses are several times stronger and more durable than you. If a horse feels threatened, you can bet they will show it by biting or kicking. Be careful and show the horse that you are its friend and not a threat.