Wowza Bay Spotted Stallion Under Saddle
Foaled 2005  -  14H
Agouti - Homozygous    Tobiano - negative    LP Appaloosa Gene - Single Gene
Black - Single Black Gene & Single Red Gene
Breeder: Hermit's Gypsy Cobs        Exporter: Clononeen Farms (UK)
This page was last updated: April 6, 2012

SIRE:  Hermit's Lonely Ghost        DAM:  Hermit's Cassatta
Apollo is one of those horses that just stands out in a crowd!  Apollo has fantastic conformation, excellent feather and hair, and the best of personalities.  He is one of those horses who is wise beyond his years.  Fearless and friendly, this boy is the first of his group to greet you each day.  He is a playful and happy stallion who enjoys life to the fullest.  Well broke under saddle, Apollo is always a crowd favorite at the shows and expos!  He continues to impress us each day!
Apollo comes from a fantastic breeder in Ireland, known for their incredible Cobs.  We now also have DNA collected thanks to Superior Stables in CO.  Thank you Jamie and Katie!
Below you will find photos from our 2nd Annual Open House.  Apollo and his friends participated in our 1st ever Gypsy Race!  Now, picture this.  Albert and Levi Coates over from England, Gypsy Todd ready for a challenge, and three unsaddled, show sheened boys ready to ride!  The winner was Albert Coates but an INCREDIBLY FUN and memorable time was had by all!!