This page was last updated: January 17, 2012
Black Silver Dapple Mare
Foaled 2000  -  15.1H
Black - Homozygous for Black Gene      Agouti - negative
Tobiano - Single Gene        Silver - Silgle Gene
Auburn is a black silver dapple mare that just happens to be our "first gypsy mare".  She stands a strong 15.1H and is one of our top foundation mares!  She has outproduced herself time and time again and is truly an integral part of our breeding program.  Auburn is a classic example of traditional body type with a unique color flare...she can hold her own in any class!  We are so very proud of her!

Auburn and SD Jack produced a beautiful black silver dapple filly in 2005 (Breeze)
Auburn and Ace produced a stunning black silver dapple tobiano colt in 2007 (Austin)
Auburn and Lenny's Horse produced a fantastic black and white colt in 2010 (Epic)
Auburn and Flash of Gold produced an incredible smokey black filly in 2011 (Treasure)